Lorcana League - Season 4 - Round 1 - Week 2 ticket - Sun, Jun 09 2024

Lorcana League - Season 4 - Round 1 - Week 2 ticket - Sun, Jun 09 2024

Lorcana League - Season 4 - Round 1 - Week 2 ticket - Sun, Jun 09 2024

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Sun, Jun 09 2024 Lorcana League - Season 4 - Round 1 - Week 2
Lorcana League - Season 4 - Round 1 - Week 2

2pm-5pm - Lorcana League - Season 4 - Round 1 - Week 2

Infinity Cards & Collectibles is proud to host it's Fourth Season of Disney Lorcana events! LORCANA - Ursula Returns. This is a free event and participation will qualify for League points as outlined below.

We continue our league with a fun round of learn to play & open casual play with our in house Lorcana organizer. We encourage everyone to come and participate no matter the skill level and join us each week for a different format lesson, open play and player get together in the shop. 

This week's entry to event includes:

- League Points towards promo cards and pins

This is a casual play event. Participation and matches will count towards League Points as follows:

Sign up for a League round......1point

Win a match.......2 points

Lose a match.........1 point

Bring someone new to play..........1 point

Wear a piece of Disney apparel........1 point

* This week's added League points opportunity

**Max 10 points per week

***The organizer of the event will be responsible for verifying and awarding points during the event.

As the season progresses, points will be awarded in different ways so always remember to check the week's point allocations for the different ways to earn points during each event!

There will be:

4 weeks per round

3 rounds per season 

The prizing for each ROUND is as follows:

Player with the most points in the round - Pick of 2 different promo cards & 1 promo pin of their choice (excluding Lorcana league season prize pin, aka Disney Lorcana Pin)

Random award of 1 promo card to players with over 3 points in the round(up to 22 cards as supplies last)

The prizing for each SEASON is as follows:
Lore counters - Awarded to participants with the most points over all 12 weeks 

Disney Lorcana Pins - Randomly awarded to players who earned 8 or more points at the end of the League Season (Limit 1 per person)

Remaining Round Prizes - Randomly awarded to players with over 8 points at the end of the season (Limit 1 per person), then if there are any left, randomly award them to anyone with fewer than 8 points (Limit 1 per person).


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