Grading Service

MNT Grading Service Vancouver

Infinity Cards & Collectibles is a Prestine MNT Dealer. Please contact us to get more information and pricing. An updated page will be available soon!

NO Minimum cards at all service levels. 

$5 Flat rate for shipping charged to all orders. This will cover shipping of your cards to MNT. All deals include FREE return shipping. + insurance is extra as required (will be billed separately)

If you have an existing order that has not yet shipped, please contact us to refund the $5.

Insurance will charged separately as required to cover the graded cards while in transit back to us.

  1. find cards you would want to grade
  2. visit to make an account
  3. fill out the form , we will assist you in getting correct info
  4. put in notes shipping with Infinity Cards and Collectibles and select email transfer as the payment method and proceed (you are not required to pay anything at that time) all this does is create an order number and a card list for you, Infinity, and MNT.
  5. print your form and bring the cards into our offices with form 
  6. pay your invoice
  7. we ship to MNT
  8. you check your mnt account for updates
  9. we will notify when it has landed

Grading Service: Heavy delays 4-8 weeks at all service levels

30 Day - $30 per card - No Minimum 3 months turnaround NEXT SUB MAY 31st

NEW!! 90 Day Service (Coming Soon) **Also delayed but costs less

Plus Shipping to MNT flat group rate: $6 (ONLY on 30 Day Service Level)

Plus Insurance as required:

Costs you $3 per $100 coverage on return shipping back from MNT to Infinity Cards & Collectibles. Return shipping fee is free.