Every Pokemon Card Set & Symbol Guide

Every Pokemon Card Set & Symbol Guide

All Pokemon Cards Symbols Guide

The easiest way to identify Pokemon cards in by the set symbol and card number found at the bottom of every Pokemon card. It's also the most common way for collector's to sort and organize cards.

With Pokemon releasing a new set every 3 months or more with each having their own symbols, I just found it difficult to keep up with everything since the 1999 Base Set.

Below is a complete English Pokemon set and symbols list starting with the most recent Sword & Shield set down to the original Base Set. It is a lot to go through so if you catch any mistakes, please feel free to point it out!

Feel free to comment below how I can make this better as a reference and/or any changes or omissions.


  • 11/04/20 - added SWSH & SM set symbols & XY 
  • 12/14/20 - added links to Sword & Shield Sets 2020 - card collections - added Vivid Voltage set symbol

 Sword & Shield Sets


Vivid Voltage 2020
Champions Path 2020
Darkness Ablaze 2020
Rebel Clash 2020
Sword & Shield Base Set 2020


 Sun & Moon Sets


Cosmic Eclipse 2019

Hidden Fates 2019

Unified Minds

Unbroken Bonds

Detective Pikachu

Team Up

Lost Thunder

Dragon Majesty

Celestial Storm

Forbidden Light

Ultra Prism

Crimson Invasion

Shining Legends

Burning Shadows

Guardian's Rising

Sun & Moon Base Set

Sun & Moon Promos


 XY Sets 2013-2017


Steam Siege
Fates Collides
Ancient Origins
Roaring Skies
Double Crisis
Primal Clash
Phantom Forces
Furious Forces
XY Base Set
Kalos Starter Set

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