Sell Your Pokemon, One Piece & Lorcana BULK (Must Read)

 Bulk Submissions

The Bulk Buying Program is back, and is better than ever

This item is to be added to cart and checkout to obtain your ORDER # (ie. your Bulk Submission Number). This number is to be added to every single box/container that holds Pokemon or Yugioh bulk cards in which you will submit to Infinity Cards for processing.

Please reads Terms & Conditions & Bulk Submission Disclaimer before checking out & submitting your bulk (at the end)

The steps to submitting your bulk

  1. Read the ticket description and Terms & Conditions & Bulk Submission Disclaimer before proceeding.
  2. Sort Pokemon/Lorcana/One Piece cards into their respective rarities to maximize your payout! Mint English ONLY (Updated October 9, 2023 - Posted rates for Store Credit - Currently not accepting bulk in exchange for cash.) - All cards submitted must be de-sleeved
    1. Energies - NOT Currently Accepting (special energies are ok as uncommon submission)
    2. Common  & Uncommon  (circle/diamond) - $0.01
    3. Rare (star) - $0.06
    4. Common/Uncommon/Rare Holos & Reverse Holo - $0.06
    5. Rare Reverse Holos - $0.09
    6. Bulk V, GX, EX, TG - $0.50
    7. Bulk Code Cards - $0.03
    8. Bulk Poke Coins - NOT Currently Accepting
    9. Bulk ETB Dice/Counter set - NOT Currently Accepting
    10. Bulk Jumbo Cards - NOT Currently Accepting
    11. Bulk ETB Card Sleeves Full - $1
  3. Yugioh cards - NOT Currently Accepting
  4. Submit your bulk in-store and obtain a bulk receipt for your records
  5. You will Receive store credit within 1-10 business days

Selling Bulk Terms of Service and Disclaimer

Infinity Cards & Collectibles does not have a turn-around time for processing your bulk orders. Generally range from 1 business day to up to 10 business days depending on various factors such and but not limited to Holiday peak season, staffing, COVID related, busy bulk submission queues, problems with bulk submissions, missing required submission identification, among many other factors.

All submitted bulk are expected to be accurate to the rarity sort and in Near Mint conditions. All submissions are subject to physical inspection and corrections to conditions, grade, and quantity will be made at this time up to the sole discretion of Infinity Cards & Collectibles. If your submission is not up to standard, Infinity Cards will salvage what is payable and will pay accordingly.

All submission are to be de-sleeved. No sleeves to be submitted with bulk submission. They must be removed. If submission contains sleeves cards, Infinity Cards will charge up to 15% of the total of the submission at the discretion of Infinity Cards.

For Pokemon bulk: If your rarity sort is deemed to not meet the requirements, Infinity Cards will down grade to a lower payout if possible. (Eg. common/uncommon & rare bulk is mixed beyond reasonable time to separate, rares ($0.06) will be paid out at the lowest rate of $0.01 instead. In other cases where we cannot downgrade to a lower payout, it will be up to the discretion of Infinity Cards to deny or discount the payout. (Eg. Energies are mixed in with common bulk)

All submissions need to be accompanied with acceptable storage and clearly marked with your ORDER # generated from the ticket. We will not accept cards "tossed" in ziplock bags and or boxes not stacked or lined up properly. 

For added security, please ensure notes to your order are added at checkout by staff and denote the number of boxes (also must be labeled with your name, order number and box number (ie 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4) as well as descriptions of containers (ie ETB, 4-Row Box, etc), and/or rough estimate of quantities.

All submissions that do not have an order # and or adequate identification will result in falling back in the queue until Infinity Cards can catch up on submissions and reach out and locate the owner.

All bulk is accepted only as store credit at this time.